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Sustainability Spotlight: Selkie Sisters Apothecary

I know, I know...ANOTHER skincare line? As if we don't have enough options out there already, but I swear, this one is different and definitely worth the try.

For the past 6 months, I've been using the 3-step system by the Honr Lab- a sustainably produced, refillable, Okanagan Valley brand and I really enjoyed their products. It's actually rare for me to find skincare products that I like enough to use them until they run out before trying something else.

I would have continued using the Honr products had I been able to find somewhere in the Comox Valley that carried them. Unfortunately for Honr, I couldn't find them anywhere, but fortunately for me, I found something that I love 10x more.

Selkie Sisters Apothecary

I first came across SSA on Instagram as their products were being shared by several local brands that I follow, so I clicked on their account and felt drawn to them right away.

Co-founders, Nicole and Allie both grew up on the west coast, loving nature, especially the ocean and appreciating the healing qualities that Mother Earth provides. Being a lover of the ocean myself, I instantly felt a connection to their story. Through their upbringings and then in finding each other as sisters of soul & sea, they have created something truly special together.

Their products are handmade on Vancouver Island from ethically sourced, 100% organic ingredients and are free of all of the nasty stuff that you don't want on your skin such as parabens, silicones, sulphates, etc.

Unlike my previous skincare products, they are not refillable, so you can't take their jars to the refillery, but they care deeply about their environmental impact and have started an Earth Steward Initiative Recycling Program where you will receive 15% off your next purchase if you return your empty and cleaned amber glass bottles and parts. They also donate 1% of their profits to The Pacific Salmon Foundation.

It just doesn't get much better than that...except that it does. Keep reading!

The Products I'm Using

I have personally started using the following products:

  1. Hydrate Seaweed Cleansing Balm

  2. Revive Rose Mist (Toner)

  3. Renew Face Oil

They do have face creams as well, but I was already using a 3-step routine, where the moisturizer was an oil. For me, I sometimes find using both a cream and an oil can be too much, so I decided to start with just the oil and see how that went.

To say that I am loving these products is an understatement. Washing my face has become one of my favourite moments of the entire day. I actually get excited, knowing that bed time is coming, and that I'll get to wash my face soon. These products feel SO good on my skin, that it makes me want to slow down to enjoy the experience. It might sound ridiculous, but if you're a mom, you'll understand how any kind of alone time, no matter how brief, can be significant. And for me, it's cleansing and moisturizing my face that really gets me going these days.

The Seaweed Cleansing Balm is like nothing else I've ever used before. I have used oil based cleansers in the past but they all left me feeling greasy. This does not do that, the texture is smooth but not sticky or greasy. It smells absolutely amazing. It says on the jar to spend 1-3 minutes massaging it into your face, but I probably spend 3-5 minutes because I can't bring myself to stop sooner. When I do wipe it off with a warm cloth, my face doesn't get that icky, tight, dry sensation like it normally does with other products. I can tell that my skin is totally clean, but that it hasn't been stripped of its natural hydrating oils.

Then I use the Rose Mist as a toner. I think most people probably spray it right onto their faces but I usually miss my face, and I hate to waste any of the goodness, so I spray 4 pumps into my hand and then manually apply, gently pressing it into my skin. This stuff also smells spectacular and makes me think of goddesses lounging in a luscious garden while adorning themselves in rose oils. I'm not sure if that was ever actually a thing but if it was, those chicks were doing something right.

To top it all off, I apply the Renew Face Oil, which again is the perfect texture. It's an oil, but it doesn't feel sticky. Some face oils have made me want to wash my face again after applying them. With this oil, I probably wouldn't apply make up over top of it until it had fully absorbed into my skin. I don't wear face make up very often, so I use this product both morning and night, but this is where I could see someone maybe wanting to use the face cream as a day moisturizer and the oil as a night time one, which is something I'm thinking about trying out. Just because the oil is a little bit heavier than a cream likely is, but I like feeling super moisturized because I have perpetually dry skin.

I also want to mention that SSA also carries other great products that I'm really looking forward to trying out, such as their meditation mists, new & full moon bath salts, essential oil rollers, and MERMAID HAIR MIST. Yea, I'm going to be all over that. Plus they also have a natural deodorant that I've heard several people rave about. So I'm just using up the last of my current deodorant and then I'm going to make the switch!

So, how can you get your hands on these products to try for yourself?

Selkie Sisters Apothecary is located on Vancouver Island, in the heart of the Comox Valley. They just started selling their products at West Coast Karma on 5th Street in Courtenay. They also have their website and online store which I will link below.

But if you want to try these products FOR FREE...make sure you stay tuned for my GIVEAWAY that I'll be hosting on Instagram leading up to the registration launch of the EMBODY Retreat! The Selkie Sisters are graciously gifting their entire skincare regime to the winner! You don't want to miss it!


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