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My Minimalist Closet Pt. 1

Alright, here we go! Our last theme for Sustainability Month! I have decided to make this a two-part post, because #momlife!

This month, I have loved paying more attention to my personal impact on the planet and sharing the ways in which I am trying to be a better human being!

It isn't always easy or convenient, but for the good of the planet, it is definitely worth it.

Another way that I am working towards living a more conscious lifestyle, is by being mindful about what is in my closet.

I'm going to be transparent, your girl LOVES to shop.

When I'm feeling off or down, nothing quite picks me back up like treating myself to a new outfit.

With that said, in recent years, I've been making more of an effort to ask myself the following questions:

How many items do I have?

How many items do I actually wear/need?

Where were my clothes made?

Where did the fabric come from?

Who made my clothes?

Are they being treated and paid fairly?

Though I have been working on collecting pieces that are ethically sourced and locally made, I have found that despite donating multiple bags of clothes earlier this year, I still have more clothes than I need and actually wear.

Today, I went through my closet and made a tally of every item of clothing that I own and I was genuinely surprised by the number of items I own.

Here is my count:

Dresses: 11

Sweaters: 6

Leggings: 4

Jeans: 4

Pants: 3

Overalls: 6

Rompers: 4

Skirts: 2

Cardigans: 4

Shirts: 7

T-shirts: 5

Hoodies/Pull-overs: 5

Long Sleeves: 3

Work-out Shirts: 4

Shorts: 3

Jackets: 7

Shoes: 11

Hats: 9

Toques: 5

Vests: 2

Robes: 4

Scarves: 6

Total Articles of Clothing: 115


That is a lot of clothes. Too many clothes. I do not need this many clothes, I just don't! I know, for a fact, I haven't work a scarf in, I don't know how long. I only wear 2 of my 5 toques and maybe 5 of my 9 hats.

I certainly have some more downsizing to do, and closet organization because the state it is currently in right now, does not give me the "calm, beautiful" vibes that I'm going for in our home.

Stay tuned for Part 2, where I'll share my updated clothing count, featuring my favourite pieces that I wear again and again from locally-sourced and ethically made brands!

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