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5 Easy Sustainable Product Swaps

With Earth Day coming up on April 22nd, I've decided to share more about my journey to living a more sustainable and conscious lifestyle.

Today I'm sharing my top 5 sustainable product switches, that I've made and found very easy to commit to!

  1. High End Hippie Shampoo & Conditioner Bars

I have been using these shampoo and conditioner bars for almost 2 years now and I LOVE them so much. I had tried shampoo bars before, but found that they didn't lather and they also didn't do very much for my hair.

High End Hippie Wellness bars are a hair-washing game changer!

The shampoo bars produce the perfectly desired lather, you can really feel the cleaning happening on your scalp and the conditioner bars detangle and smooth my ends.

Since using these products, my hair has never felt healthier, even my hairstylist noticed a difference! These are definitely high-quality, are eco-friendly and are made locally in Kelowna!

For more information on the bars and to find which set would be best for your hair, visit:

2. Honr. Refillable Skincare

I had been on the look-out for a refillable skincare line when I came across Honr. I had previously been using Eminence Organics products, which were working well for me, but I wanted to find something that reduced my need to recycle containers.

Honr. is a simple 3-step routine: Cleanse, Tone, Hydrate.

I personally love this, because I need simplicity. I get really overwhelmed with all the different skincare products out there. All the serums and oils, etc. It's too much for me, so I love that they only have the necessary products.

They are also vegan and cruelty-free, and are packed full of amazing ingredients.

I have been using the Exfoliating Cleanser for the last couple of months and I love it. It doesn't lather a lot, but it feels very smooth on my face and smells amazing without being overpowering. My skin is soft and clear and that's saying a lot, because I have a tough time finding cleansers that work for me!

I haven't tried the Toner or the Hydrating Serum yet, because I wanted to use up my previous products before buying new stuff, but I just ran out of moisturizer the other day, so I will be picking the next two steps this week!

For more information about the skincare products and their formulations visit:

3. Bamboo Toothbrush Heads for Phillips Sonicare Electric Brushes

Instagram ads can be annoying, however, clearly Instagram was picking up on my desire to invest in sustainable products and an ad for a compostable, bamboo electric toothbrush came up on my feed one day.

I almost bought the toothbrush, when I realized that meant that I would be throwing away a perfectly functioning plastic Sonicare electric brush. After a little more browsing on the website I was on, I found that they also sold just the toothbrush heads, made of bamboo and totally compostable!

I've been using them for 3 months now and I think they are such a great idea. When my current electric brush does kick the can, I would love to get a 100% bamboo brush, but for now, this is a great way for me to reduce a bit of my plastic waste.

I ordered my bamboo toothbrush heads from a company called Sustainable Tomorrow, but I recently saw that Chickpeace Refillery in Kelowna is now carrying them as well!

4. Mint All-Purpose Cleaner

I first purchased the Mint All-Purpose Cleaner simply because I wanted a cleaner that smelled like essential oils!

But Mint goes above and beyond with their products. Not only do they smell amazing, (like bergamot and mint!) they are also eco-friendly, non-toxic and all natural.

I use my all-purpose cleaner for literally everything from countertops, to bathroom sinks, it is good for any and all surfaces!

I refill mine at Chickpeace in Kelowna!

For more information about Mint Cleaning Products, visit their website:

5. Dishwasher Tabs

These were actually one of the first eco-friendly switches that I made. It just seemed like one of the easiest things to replace, since I already bought dishwasher tabs before, why not buy ones that are safe for the environment and have zero-waste?

I take an old pasta jar in and fill 'er up! Easy peasy!

I get mine from Chickpeace Refillery or The Refill Store, both located in Kelowna!

Well, there you have it! My Top 5 Sustainable Products that are EASY to make the switch to and implement in your life!

We all know that even one small lifestyle change can make a big difference for Mama Earth and all her beings!

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