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Hi, I'm Carly.

I am a mom, school teacher, yoga educator & creative soul. I live in the Comox Valley on Vancouver Island, with my husband and our one-year-old son, Bowen.

My self-love journey began nearly a decade ago with my first YTT in 2015, but I didn’t fully grasp what self-love really meant until I became a mom.

My son was born in 2021 and the transition to motherhood rocked my identity to its core. I had the family and the life I had always dreamed of, but for some reason I was still struggling.

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I was stuck.

Stuck in my self-limiting belief systems, an endless loop of negative self-talk, crushing anxiety and the fear that I would never find myself again…

After a day spent alone at the beach on my 30th birthday, I realized that my problem wasn’t in finding myself, it was that I had stopped LOVING myself. 

I decided to change that.

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I choose to
love myself,
one compassionate choice at a time.

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Since then I've learned that self-love isn't easy.

You don't just say "I'm going to love myself" and then you do. 

It’s a constant journey of choosing yourself over and over again.

One compassionate choice at a time.

Every time I decide that I actually kind of like my wrinkles.

Every time I forgive myself for being human and making mistakes.

Every time I verbalize + prioritize my needs.

Every time I hold my heart with the same tender compassion that I would show a child.

It gets a little bit easier. I feel a little bit lighter. A bit more confident. More free.

Every time that I choose love over everything else, that is when I can begin to experience the embodiment of my true self, my essence, my soul.

Which, funnily enough, is LOVE.

If my story resonates with you and you aren't sure where to start your self-love journey, join me at one of my empowering events in-person or online!

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